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  • Residential Home Comfort
    Posted on Mon September 14th 2015

    Serving Oswego, IL. and surrounding neighbors. When you are in the market for a new air conditioning system for your home, it helps to have some professional guidance as you sort through all of the various makes and models out there. Our experts know just how to match you up with the best type of air conditioning system for your home, and we will also come out and professionally size your home to make sure the system we install for you is the best fit for your needs .

    Size Matters

    Our sizing service is especially important because an air conditioning system that is too small will not be able to cool your home effectively. It will run constantly trying, however, while using too much electricity and putting undue wear and tear on all parts of the system. This, in turn, will cause your system to break down more often and require replacement sooner than it otherwise should.

    A system that is too large, on the other hand, will not be able to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature either, and because it will cycle on and off more frequently than it should, it will also break down often and wear out too quickly. Plus, the larger the air conditioning system, the more it costs to install. So by having your air conditioner professionally sized by our experts, you will actually save a substantial amount in the long run.

    When you invite Prism Mechanical into your home we will be on time, courteous and professional. We value your time and your business and will treat you with respect. Many of our customers look to Prism Mechanical as their preferred residential heating service provider. Prism Mechanical now offers annual maintenance agreements that cover your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. Ask our technicians about this exciting program and how it can help minimize your plumbing, heating and cooling expense.

    We look forward to serving you and being your first choice for heating service in the future. Some of what we service is listed below:

  • Repair, replace, install and service HVAC systems including
    Posted on Mon September 14th 2015

    AC, furnaces, water tanks and heat pumps
    Install, replace, repair and service humidifiers
    Install, replace, repair and service thermostats

    Prism Mechanical has been in business for four generations, with years of experience and accumulated extensive industry knowledge and competency that ensures your project or service will be done right the first time guaranteed. Fast, 24-hour emergency service is key if your comfort system unexpectedly breaks down.

  • Reasons to properly maintain your HVAC system
    Posted on Mon September 14th 2015

    :• Lower utility costs.
    • Increase the service life of the HVAC equipment (reduce replacement costs).
    • Greater comfort for the building’s occupants.

    Deferred maintenance can become costly and ineffective in the following ways
    • Increased energy consumption
    • Repairs are usually more costly because of a "cascading" effect in the system
    • Occupant comfort and related productivity
    • Poor reliability resulting in down time
    • Premature equipment aging and the accelerated need to replace equipment

    While they may share some basic similarities, there are many differences between residential and commercial HVAC installations. And when you are having a commercial HVAC system put in a new construction building, you want to make sure it is done right the first time.

    Posted on Mon September 14th 2015

    22 ft ventilation stacks are made of 14 gauge steel with companion flange. They were made to ventilate a boiler system for an industrial maintenance facility.

    This intricate pattern was a column cover for Noodle Kidoodle Toy Store (Stratford Square Mall, Bloomingdale, IL)blade of 14 gauge steel rolled and tig-welded.


    This project was designed, fabricated and installed to satisfy a specific customer request. The stainless steel pipe was tig-welded on-site and in the shop as part of a ventilation system in a food processing plant.


    These hoppers are another example of custom-made projects fabricated and installed to satisfy a specific customer request.


    Prism fabricates air distribution systems of welded construction, such as this unique project. This heated make-up air feeds an underground tunnel. The duct work was constructed of 14 gauge galvanized steel.

    This fume-capture exhaust system was customized to the owner's specifications. It was made of 14 gauge galvanized steel with companion flanges.


    The NuMi Shielding Block cooling system is PRISM's defining moment to date. This project incorporates everything PRISM stands for: excellent welding, fabricating and installation under very unique circumstances.

    The project was laser measured, fabricated and installed while being 16 stories below ground at a five degree incline.

    The 160' long supply and return plenum was fabricated and welded from 14 gauge stainless steel.  

  • Air Conditioning Service
    Posted on Mon September 14th 2015

    Prism Mechanical takes pride in our fast response time when servicing you with your emergency and repair needs. Our Best in Class Service Technicians and diagnostic equipment enable us to perform adjustments or repairs when you need them. Our skilled technicians can service all brands of HVAC equipment and systems. You can be confident that all repairs are done correctly the first time.

    Give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified HVAC Technicians. Need emergency service – our dispatchers are a call away from having someone at your home and getting your air conditioner, heater, furnace or heat pump up and running again to keep you family comfortable.Air Conditioning / Heating

  • Heating & Air Conditioning Installation
    Posted on Mon September 14th 2015

    Whether you need to replace your existing Heating & A/C equipment or add Air Conditioning to a home that has never had it before, Frank Gay Heating & Air Conditioning Service has a wide range of HVAC products to meet your needs and your budget. From Air Conditioners, Furnaces and Heat Pumps to Air Quality Solutions and Thermostats, we can provide a range of solutions that are both affordable and will provide comfort to your family. As part of the Goodman & Amana network, we have access to local inventory supplies and can receive it in house in as little as 24 hours on the rare occasion we do not have the equipment in-house ourselves. By replacing an older inefficient model, you can assure to increase your HVAC equipment efficiency up to 25% and more importantly, reducing your energy consumption by 25-40% and creating very significant savings on your monthly utility bill. For many of our customers, the reduced monthly utility cost will cover the cost of a new installation.

    Enjoy cool, summer comfort and electrical savings while helping preserve the earth's ozone layer. Puron refrigerant is a more energy efficient refrigerant than Freon-22*, and with the 38TZA, that means efficiency ratings up to 13.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This air conditioner easily surpasses the efficiency of a typical, older air conditioner you may be replacing as well as many new models. That means you can enjoy cool, comfortable summers while saving money on your electric bill. At the same time, the 38TZA does its part to eliminate depletion of the ozone layer through the use of Puron refrigerant. That will become more and more important in the future as the refrigerant used in most current cooling systems, Freon-22, is in the process of being phased out by the federal government.

    Prism Mechanical can evaluate your current system and provide you with the most economical way to keep your home comfortable for our family.  Call Today 630 554 6073


    We pride ourselves on our installations and repairs on heating and air-conditioning. Prism Mechanical wants to be your one stop shop for all your home comfort needs. Ask about special drip pans and other basement saving steps taken by Prism Mechanical in the installation of your new water heater.


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  • Air Handlers
    Posted on Mon September 14th 2015

    A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that indoor air could actually be more polluted than outdoor air.

    Considering that most individuals spend up to 90 percent of each day indoors more than half of that time at home you may be experiencing indoor air pollution without even knowing it.

    Today, homes are sealed more tightly to conserve energy. Unfortunately, this seals in mold, pollen, bacteria, and other pollutants. And since the U.S. EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health, many homeowners are concerned.


    Fortunately, there's a solution to most indoor air quality problems. Luxaire offers an array of choices designed to ventilate stale indoor air, zap airborne germs, trap airborne particles and moisturize parched air.

    There are all sorts of contaminants that can find their way into your indoor air. And because your house is sealed up so tightly to save energy when it comes to heating and cooling, there is nowhere for those contaminants to go but around and around inside your home.

    The level of humidity in your home plays a big part in you overall comfort level and in the quality of your indoor air. Humidity levels that are too high or too low make it harder for your indoor air quality system to remove pollutants and can actually add to their concentrations in some situations.

    Things like dust mites cannot survive when humidity levels are below 50%, so simply controlling your humidity properly can actually directly reduce the number of this type of indoor air pollutant. And mold grows much better in humid conditions, so the more humid it is in your home, the more mold spores there will likely be in your indoor air.

    When the humidity is too low, on the other hand, many particulate contaminants settle out of your air before they can be removed by your air filter. Under these conditions, even having a top of the line air filtration system in place will not keep your indoor air quality high. Proper humidity control is also beneficial to anyone in your household who has asthma, allergies or other breathing difficulties.

    All of our technicians are very familiar with a wide range of indoor air quality technology, including air filters, humidifiers and UV germicidal lights. So no matter what types of indoor air contaminants you are having a problem with, we have the products and services you are looking for.


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